Hot Weather Dressing for the Modern Gentleman

Hot Weather Dressing for the Modern Gentleman

Posted by Squire Fine Men's Apparel on Aug 1st 2019

Stifling summer temperatures can bring about significant challenges for those who value style as much as they do comfort. August is officially upon us, which means temperatures are among the hottest of the year. Between the blazing heat and the stifling humidity, how can you possibly manage to dress well without sweating every layer of clothing you have on?

Here are a few tips to stay looking sharp during the next heat wave:

Choose breathable fabrics

Air can get trapped in fabrics like cashmere and wool. So, while these fabrics are staples in your winter wardrobe, we recommend storing them away for the time being. Instead, opt for light, breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, or mulberry silk. Finer threads and/or looser weaves make for a more comfortable fit in warmer weather.

Stick with light colors

Have you ever stopped to think about the colors you naturally gravitate towards based on the season? When seeking warmth and comfort during the chilly winter months, we reach for dark-colored clothing. In the summer, lighter tones seem to be our go-to. While you may think it’s all mental, there’s another underlying reason: heat control. The best colors to wear in hot weather are those that reflect the most light, keeping you cool. Think classic white, khaki, light blue or pale yellow.

Don’t forget your feet

The best shoes for summer keep your feet cool while looking stylish. While the no-sock look is certainly a style we see often throughout the summer months, we must warn that bare feet in leather shoes during a heatwave is never going to end well. Invest instead in a good pair of hidden socks and consider penny loafers or driving shoes in a neautral color. Looking for something for a more casual event? Try this lightweight and breathable pair of Cole Haan Grandpro White Tennis Shoes.

Cover your skin

We know—it’s hot! However, remember that clothing is your best protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Long pants and a button-down shirt in lightweight, breathable fabrics that won’t trap sweat against your skin are the best option. Top off your ensemble with a dapper hat as you walk out the door to protect your head from the sun’s harsh rays.

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