How to Prevent Snow and Salt From Ruining Your Shoes

How to Prevent Snow and Salt From Ruining Your Shoes

Jan 11th 2018

Winter in Wisconsin can be tough on footwear with all the snow and rock salt on the ground. So what can you do to prevent your shoes from getting damaged during the winter months? 

Taking preventative measures

Prepping your shoes before winter is the best way to make sure they stay protected throughout the season. There are different protective coatings you can use based on the type of shoe, like Aquaseal for leather and McNett ReviveX for suede. If you treat your shoes ahead of time they will be much more likely to make it through the winter unscathed, and you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Repairing Existing Damage

While pre-treatment is the best way to go, there are repair options available for shoes that have already been damaged by snow and salt as well. You can pay for a restorative service at some specialty shoe stores, or you can try doing it yourself.

First, remove any mud and soil that’s caked on the shoe, and then spot clean if necessary. Next you’ll need to desalt the shoe, using a warm cloth to remove salt lines and rings.Then condition, polish, brush and buff the freshly-cleaned shoe and top it off with a waterproofing agent. Following these steps will help restore your shoes and get them ready to head back out in the snow. If the soles of your shoes are worn, you’ll also want to consider putting on protective soles, which will not only make your shoes last longer but also provide extra grip on icy days.

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