United Kingdom University Establishes Public Menswear Archive

United Kingdom University Establishes Public Menswear Archive

Sep 15th 2017

UK University Establishes Public Menswear Archive

You can learn a lot about a society by studying the clothing trends its members have embraced in the past. Now, Westminster University in the UK is giving people an opportunity to learn about the evolution of menswear in a massive public archive.

This is the very first menswear archive of its kind according to the BBC, and it features more than 1,000 garments from a range of designers like Alexander McQueen and Burberry. The collection also includes an extensive array of military clothing dating all the way back to World War 1. In fact, the archive’s creator Andrew Groves is particularly interested in the unique influence military uniforms have had on civilian clothing over the years.

“It’s like pulling together a social history of menswear in this country, which I don’t think has ever really been properly looked at,” he said in his interview with the BBC. “It enables us to draw out those connections between military menswear and uniform and how that has impacted menswear design.”

Groves also hopes that the archive will inspire up-and-coming designers and help them to understand the historical context of modern menswear design. By studying the archive’s diverse collection of classic menswear pieces, the next generation of UK designers may be able to take men’s fashion in some exciting, unexpected new directions.

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