Customer Comments

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"Service,quality merchandise."  - Teresa O.

"Tremendous quality and choices."  - Patrick H.

"Bought wedding suit and best man's suite - very high quality and fabulous service."  - Michael R.

"Great service and product."  - Ken E.

"Great selection and service!"  - Michael M.

"The quality of their product lines are best of class and the personalized service you get is hard to find these days."  - Jim C.

"Service and attention to detail that is superior. Dennis is awesome at suggesting the right look."  - Michael H.

"So easy to shop here. Great clothes, fantastic service. Truly, the best men's store."  - David M.

"The service is amazing. Selection is on point. Never unhappy when I walk away from Squire. This place is a true "man's man" environment."  - Jason S.

"Great clothing and advisors to help you achieve the perfect look!"  - KKM

"Amazing customer service!"  - Laura L.

"Great service."  - Danny B.

"Great selection and personalized service."  - David Z.

"Personal Service, Attention to Details - Just love the boys at Squire!"  - Shelley M.

"Best fine quality clothing store."  - Daniel Z.

"Great place with excellent quality. Joe was a big help for picking out the right combination. Thanks much !"  - Steven K.

"Joe, Dennis and Glen are top notch professionals. Excellent selection, casual to business professional to black-tie! Top quality clothing!"  - Ron C.

"Far more options and quality vs. Jos A Bank and better fabrics and sharp looking current clothes."  - Jim W.

"Great store, friendly people and awesome clothes."  - James L.

"Joe and his staff are true professionals. The store beautiful. All in all, worth the drive from Madison."  - Peter S.

"Excellent sales representatives, service and class."  - Missy W.

"The staff are extremely friendly which is always big with me. That's not to take away from their excellent service, attention to detail, and ability to accommodate any needs at any time expertly and efficiently. I will be returning, and a big thanks to them for all their help."  - Daniel C.

"Personal service..."  - Russell B.

"Excellent quality and value. Terrific store management."  - Michael M.

"Outstanding service. Great selection. Expert fashion advice."  - Randall Z.

"The staff..."  - Michael L.

"Unbeatable customer service."  - Don P.

"The service is top notch."  - Jim L.

"They know what they are doing when fitting a client, they have integrity about there customers and what they sell."  - Joanne E.

"Personalized service with attention to all the details. Great selection and fine quality. Joe has the eye and experience to know what items go best together."  - Jim C.

"Joe provided amazing customer service, was personable and friendly, and made sure I looked my absolute best. I can't wait to shop here more in the future."  - Jay L.

"By far the best quality and customer service you can find in Wisconsin. So happy we found this place!"  - Shawna L.

"Very helpful staff."  - Thomas S.

"Squire is personable and willing to spend time with you every time you come into the store; whether twice a year or refreshing a wardrobe."  - Holly M.

"High quality clothing, While I pay for the quality, the prices are not out of sight like Harley's."  - Craig S.

"The "Pretty Woman" store for men!!! They make my husband look stylish!"  - Tina M.

"Easily the best selection, best people, best owners of any men's clothing store."  - Dan B.

"The staff are friendly, helpful, and know the men's clothing business better than anybody around the metro area! Great selection of men's clothing!!!"  - Barri D.

"Outstanding sales executives, fine tailoring and a great assortment of brands and styles makes Squire Fine Men's Apparel my go to store."  - David L.

"Great staff are matched by great clothes. The staff's sense of style is a key part of their expertise."  - Michael H.

"Outstanding selection and very helpful associates! My go-to place for fine men's apparel."  - Jessica S.

"Excellent and helpful staff, great clothing selection."  - Mary F.

"Squire has an excellent staff that provides the best customer service. They are consultants, friendly, and fashion experts. The store specializes in outstanding product offerings, in classic and updated looks, both in tailored clothing and Men's sportswear."  - Tim S.

"Outstanding product selection, fantastic customer service, impeccable tailoring, friendly atmosphere."  - Tim S.

"Great place with excellent quality. Helped me out. Everyone comments on how great I look. Thank You!"  - Steven K.

"The attention and care you get from the staff is hard to beat anywhere. They really pay attention to your needs and who you are."  - Michael S.

"Truly this is the best men's store in the state with incredible and personal service as well!"  - Diane S.

"Great selection, no pressure, friendly staff."  - Dan B.

"Personalized service that focuses on your style, not what they think is your style."  - F.

"Great selection and very attentive staff."  - Keira W.

"Best selection and service by far!"  - Kyleigh W.

"Customer Service is A+."  - Kyle E.

"Internet makes it easy to order on line and have it delivered to my home when purchasing items I already know fit me well. Thank you!"  - Lisa L.

"Always personal attention."  - Barbara M.

"Great service and upscale selection."  - Chris O.

"Quality clothing and product!"  - Paul B.

"I really need help with my clothing choices. The guys at Squire are tremendous in helping me select what I wear. I get compliments all the time for my cool shirts, jeans and sport coats."  - Ervin D.

"Quality, Customer Service, Friendly and Helpful."  - Fred S.

"I love the clothes selection, the great staff and the excellent service!"  - Roddy W.

"Great customer service, you can't beat! Love this place!"  - Missy W.

"Great clothes, better service. Will never shop anywhere else."  - Ken D.

"Best help in buying clothes to look your best."  - Bob L.

"Great selection from casual to dressy...very helpful and knowledgeable , friendly staff. You will find clothing here that is not available elsewhere in the area."  - Roger S.

"What's not great? The sales help, the selection, it's all under one roof!"  - Howard G.

"Squire Fine Men's Apparel will improve the attitude of your entire closet."  - J. S.

"The best people and service!"  - Rich H.

"Service and selection can't be beat!"  - Chris W.

"Thanks for helping me look professional, as much as this is possible."  - Bob P.

"Found this store online while looking for quality men's clothing in the area and then stopped in. What a fantastic place with great service and selection!"  - Greg H.

"Absolutely excellent experience. The staff is unbelievable and their dedication to service is of the utmost. Can't say enough positive about Squire!"  - Bill M.

"The best men's clothes and fabulous, knowledgeable service!"  - Sandra H.

"Service that goes above and beyond!"  - Chris K.

"Great service and a wonderful selection. Nicest quality tuxedo I have ever purchased."  - Jeffrey L.

"Best selection, by far the best service!"  - Chris W.

"Outstanding customer focus, product selection and style."  - Paul B.

"Friendly Knowledgeable Staff."  - Kyle E.

"Great selection and the service is the best."  - Sheridan R.

"The best service and merchandise."  - John D.

"Great selection of quality men's clothing. Attentive and quite knowledgeable staff."  - Clive B.

"Fantastic customer service, nice selection!!! Great place to shop!!"  - Barri D.

"Great store! Great people! Great brands!"  - Steve H.

"Excellent Mens store! Great atmosphere, helpful selling staff, top notch brands."  - T.M.

"The finest merchandise and the best personal service!"  - Peter G.

"Nothing's finer!"  - DJK

"The best selection, quality merchandise, and excellent customer service!"  - Judy M.

"Best selection in the area."  - Don J.

"Great store, nice people."  - Will G.

"No place better. Best selection of classic and cutting edge clothing and the best staff going."  - Patrick D.

"Great service!"  - Karen R.

"Squire, you are the best!"  - Jacqueline P.

"Great Team and very professional!"  - Charles M.

"The guys at Squire are great! Great quality! Great Service!"  - Paul C.

"Excellent selection of suits!"  - Earl W.

"Love the Bugatchi Uomo line of shirts!"  - Carlos P.

"Great Clothes great advice."  - Tom S.

"Great quality and great service!"  - Richard D.

"I stop in at Squire every week and enjoy seeing all their new clothing displays. Squire changes their displays every week. This is very helpful for me to buy clothing."  - Robert K.

"Best selection ever!"  - Paul B.

"Go for the experience buy for the quality"  - Fran A.

"Great selections and customer service!"  - Andie M.

"Squire is a beautiful store with a wide selection of fine men's clothing. The service is professional, with an attentive, personal touch. Shop and enjoy!"  - Chris K.

"Great selection and fine quality"  - Alan K.

"I love shopping at Squire!"  - Rob K.

"Squire is the best; Very knowledgeable sales people; excellent selection of quality and stylish menswear and superb service at competitive prices."  - Scott F.

"Squire has more gifts for men than any other store I have seen this holiday season..."  - Dennis H.

"If ever there was an "A-Team" that can help any guy to be fashionable and well dressed (..and trust me, I need their professional help)...look no further -- THIS IS YOUR TEAM (..I've done business with these guys since I graduated from college 26 yrs ago)! If you think you've found a "good deal" online or elsewhere, STOP in to see these guys first; They ARE unquestionably your advocates and fashion experts. Isn't Father's Day right around the corner? Send your loved one's to Squire for best gift ever. :)"  - Jeff F.

"Forget Chicago and the 10.25% sales tax! Shop here. Same brands but better personal service and tailoring. Build a long term shopping relationship at Squire."  - Tim K.

"Joe keeps an inventory of my entire wardrobe. He knows what to recommend to enhance and create new looks, and when to replace things. I have NEVER had a better experience anywhere!"  - Doug A.

"Glenn is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S..."  - Cody H.

"Joe is an absolutely fabulous salesman and wonderful human being..."  - Gary H.

"great suits!"  - Christine H.

"I think Dennis Ervin has a great personality."  - Kathleen O.

"Love to stop in to see Dennis"  - Howard W.

"Want to look great go here."  - Norm B.

"Everyone was very helpful and I'm happy with my purchases. I will definitely go back."  - William B.

"Glenn is the best."  - Jan R.

"Dennis finds the right combo suit/shirt/tie matches."  - Chuck O.

"The guys are great... best service in Milwaukee."  - Ken K.

"Awesome store run by awesome people!"  - B. S.

"Shop local at Squire Fine Men's Apparel that has been providing high quality men's clothing with high quality service!"  - Darby K.

"Exceptional finds, exquisite service and personal attention."  - Elaine E.

"Great sales staff! Dennis Ervin was great."  - Susan D.

"By far the best men's clothing store in the Milwaukee area. Great service and excellent quality!"  - Terry H.

"Best place for wedding rentals!"  - Laura K.

"The best place to shop for the holidays for your guy! They help with size and style; and even wrap the gifts. You're done, and the gift is perfect."  - Diane S.

"Excellent service and selection!"  - Brian K.

"This place has the best selection of men's clothing in all of the Milwaukee area."  - Rebs

"Nice selection, helpful non-commissioned staff, relaxed atmosphere. Great tailors."  - Dave K.

"Big selection."  - Adam B.

"You guys are the best."  - John D.