Dress Trousers

The right pair of slacks with the right fit is essential to your look and to your comfort throughout the day. Squire Fine Men's Apparel gives you a diverse collection of designer dress trousers and slacks to choose from so you can find a pair to fit you and your wardrobe perfectly. Made with soft, flexible materials and fine tailoring, each pair moves with you and stays looking sharp throughout the day.

Whether you are matching a blazer or sport coat for a convention, you are looking for the right blend of professional and casual, or you simply need a great fit, we have designer slacks to suit you. Combine your favorite dark blazer with chic, light gray trousers for a crisp, contrasting look at the pinnacle of professional style or pair your lightweight summer blazer with dark slacks for a look that is comfortable, seasonal and contemporary. With dozens of shades, designs and fabrics to choose from, you can easily find versatile matches to make a host of polished outfits for any event.

Making a respectable ensemble starts with modern, finely-crafted slacks. Stop in or order a new pair for the season or for a special event.