For a formal and distinguished look that is comfortable and stylish, Squire Fine Men's Apparel selects men's blazers and sport coats from the most respected designers. Blazers and sport coats are a staple of a business professional chic, making your look both impressive and approachable among your clients and colleagues.

Artfully fitted to give you the right balance of movement and definition, blazers and sport coats complete a working and active business professional image. Using heavier fabrics and darker tones in winter and more breathable, lighter fabrics for summer, sport coats and blazers can be used for outings and events as well as work functions. Between business casual and formal, you can make the look work to your need and style. Fine designers give you styles with the latest trends and fabrics for a look that is decisive, modern and immediately respected.

Visit us or order a blazer or sport coat online with your preferred fabrics, colors and designs to make a professional look distinctly yours.