The modern bow tie brings together age-old traditions, classic elegance and striking new styles to create a truly standout look. As a part of a daring and colorful wardrobe or a touch of a strong personality on an otherwise methodical look, bow ties elevate your outfit while adding character.

Worn by icons in television, science, politics and fashion, a bow tie is a memorable statement for a man with something to say. Finding the right bow tie makes the difference between tacky and chic. Squire Fine Men's Apparel gives you men's bow ties made from fine silk and designed by experts in men's fashion, so you always have the utmost confidence in your selection. Bold and bright, the sharp-edged pre-tied silk bow ties hold up your collar with the perfect shape and your head up with full confidence.

Make your style memorable and add personality to your wardrobe. Select a bow tie or a collection of bow ties to wear with any outfit.

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