Sport Coats

Sport coats give you definition and distinction while allowing you great freedom to show off your personality and confidence. Squire Fine Men's Apparel supplies a wide selection of fine men's designer sport coats to suit your disciplined or wide-ranging style. With many different colors, patterns, cuts and fabrics to choose from, you can find sport coats for any season, activity or ensemble.

One of the most versatile and flexible jacket selections, sport coats combine a sense of casual confidence through contrast with professional repute through careful tailoring and structure. Luxury men's designers like Ted Baker and Hart Schaffner Marx utilize lightweight and flexible fabrics that hold their shape without wrinkling. With cool, lighter tints in subtle plaid or check patterns or solid colors contrasting with deeper shades, sport coats combinations give you notice without being overpowering.

Select sport coats from your favorite designers and order a coat to complete or add to your preferred slacks and tie.