34 Heritage

34 HERITAGE PREMIUM DENIM JEANS 34-heritage-lifestyle.jpg

He’s chic in an understated way, and he knows it. His style is timeless, and his clothing impeccable. For the man who appreciates the finer things, whose effortless style calls for comfort and structure with undisputed quality – there is no better fit than 34 Heritage Premium Denim Jeans. 

Crafted using authentic European techniques and top of the line materials, 34 Heritage Jeans are much more than just another pair of pants. These jeans embody a timeless and effortless sense of style, providing the wearer a great fit that shows off his cultured, passionate personality. 

Confidence and style can’t be bought, but with a pair of 34 Heritage Premium Denim Jeans, you’ll look and feel fashionable and comfortable. Allow your fresh spirit to shine through with the jeans that speak to the modern man. Try on a pair of 34 Heritage Jeans to experience for yourself the difference Heritage makes.