Bugatchi Uomo LifestyleYou’ve got style, but it’s the understated kind, and your taste is impeccable. You’re the man that Bugatchi is made for. Attention to detail and sophistication are the true hallmarks of high-end menswear, and the feel and look of Bugatchi’s fashions echo the top European design houses. High fashion can speak volumes, without being overly loud or eye-catching.

Inspired by the trends and textiles coming from European designers, Bugatchi’s collections utilize some of Europe’s fine fabric mills for top quality linens and silks. They have also developed some of the most advance high performance fabrics in the world in the Far East. Developing functional textiles that wear like luxury fabrics has made Bugatchi an internationally recognized name in the fashion industry.

The Squire man who wears Bugatchi is sure to look and feel refined. From the French-Cuff buttonholes to the dyed shell buttons, each piece made by Bugatchi grants the wearer a confidence that wears just as well as the clothing