Carrot & Gibbs

Carrot & Gibbs Bowties, Formal AccessoriesAmong men, there are those who know and cherish the timeless look of a real quality bowtie or cummerbund. The unspoken rules of menswear are followed implicitly by Carrot & Gibbs, who still hand cut, sew, and press every imported silk cummerbund and tie they produce. Never cut en masse or created using stacked fabrics, their cummerbunds are stunning examples of American made, handcrafted men’s fashion.

Men who appreciate and collect bowties know a good quality bowtie is a special find indeed. Whether you’re a staunch advocate of tying your own, or prefer the convenience of a pre-tied bowtie, Carrot & Gibbs has you covered with a stunning selection of 100% silk ties. Each of their pre-tied bowties is secured with a single thread to minimize any effect should you decide to release it and use it as a regular unfixed bowtie. A mother-of-pearl button allows for easy adjustment and a more sophisticated look than the typical metal clasp and loop closure.

Carrot & Gibbs also offers custom matching and coordinating bowtie and cummerbund sets for grooms and their groomsmen to create an elegant and unique wedding look.