David Donahue

Ballin Dress Slacks Lifestyle

David Donahue's slick sense of style brings easy confidence to your wardrobe. With crisp colors, a sharp structure and subtle patterns, David Donahue dress shirts make it easy to fit into your unique style while making your look distinctive. Squire Fine Men's Apparel carries men's dress shirts from David Donahue to sharpen your best suits, formal attire or your favorite casual picks.

Dress shirts are the foundation of a sharp suit, setting up the perfect background to a sophisticated suit and tie, while tying accessories together for a carefully coordinated, cohesive look. David Donahue fits cutting edge styles with passing seasons using a careful selection of colors and patterns on each dress shirt to make fashionable style easy. Made from the best materials, David Donahue men's dress shirts give sharp angles and structure to your suits with a bold slant of color. Match soft blue dress shirts with a gray jacket to walk out the door running on a short schedule, while still looking your best. For a look with a bolder stance, pair a pastel dress shirt with a brighter tie or a striped jacket and make a statement effortlessly.