Eyebobs Reading Glasses
In 2001, quirky childrenswear designer and business maven Julie Allison sought to fill the gap between cheap, drab eyewear and the ultra-expensive designer frames that only barely seemed to fit her sense of style. To this day, she personally designs each and every pair of Eyebobs men’s reading glasses. Needing readers should be considered another opportunity to accessorize your look, so why choose cheap flimsy frames when you could be rocking a set of specs that catch everyone’s eye?

Eclectic and recognizable, her inspirations range from timeless men’s looks to architecture and whimsy. The Minneapolis headquarters for Eyebobs is a place fueled by one part sarcasm and two parts chic. Find yourself a pair of frames that speak to the man inside without breaking the bank, and ditch your boring reading glasses forever. Check out our inventory of Eyebobs men’s reading glasses

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