Gardeur Denim & Casual Pants
GARDEUR – An Attitude to Life

Squire Fine Men's Apparel is proud to offer the top names in men’s clothing and accessories, and recognizes Gardeur Denim & Casual Trousers as an innovative and quality-driven design house, which produces some of the most stylish and comfortable pants money can buy. We know our clientele have discerning taste and demand only the best of everything. Their recipe for success was a calculated combination of sophistication and swagger that emanates the essence of a well-groomed man.

The man who wears Gardeur knows the difference between mediocrity and high class, and he prefers to wear the highest quality labels with simple, effortless looks. In a time where fashion seems to be reaching, adding, and embellishing, Gardeur is swimming against the current, remaining true to its tasteful, understated spirit. High-tech offers performance, comfort, and a perfect fit. Every item in their collection becomes a “must have,” so browse the full line here.