Hardwick specializes in distinctive clothes for the All-American gentleman. Made in American for over 136 years, Hardwick shirts and suits represent the die-hard working spirit of American men and the exacting effort that goes into every day and every hour of work. With unparalleled craftsmanship and prestigious design acumen, Hardwick combines a chic sense of style with the dignity and classicism of a true American suit.

Ready to switch between working lunches, important meetings, train or taxi runs and relaxation for a job well done, Hardwick suits and blazers are the all-purpose genuine article. Pair a carefully structured, comfortably flexible navy or black blazer with perfectly fitted khaki pants and your favorite tie to make an ensemble walking confidently between formal and business casual. Choose a blazer in a bold color to make a statement and capture attention the moment you walk into the room. With a complete Hardwick American-made suit you will have an effortlessly distinguished look to show your class, stature and power anywhere you go.

Browse Hardwick shirts, pants and suits at the complete online men’s clothing store and make your purchase with a click of a button. Order an distinctive ensemble for a friend or loved one or give yourself a sharp edge and a bold outline with the new addition of an American classic. 

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