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Hickey Freeman Suits & Sport Coats
Hickey Freeman and Squire Fine Men's Apparel stand for the same ideals - Fashionable men’s clothing and accessories made to the highest quality standards. Passionate about the care of their suits as well as the excellence of their styling and construction, their factory in Rochester, NY, is a testament to American innovation. Testing their fabrics for shrinkage through a process called sponging, they ensure the stability of the cloth during its manufacturing, which includes many tailoring, steaming, and pressing processes.

Their dedication to maintaining the integrity of the fabric during production means you’ll receive a true-to-size fit from each and every Hickey Freeman Suit. Without this assurance, many other suit designers deliver a great suit, only to have it completely changed due to puckering fabrics and moisture retention during the first dry cleaner’s visit. Their motto has echoed the American spirit since 1889, promising their loyal customers they will "Keep the Quality Up". See for yourself the quality of a Hickey Freeman suit, and you’ll look smart in more ways than one.

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