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Ike Behar Dress Shirts & Ties

Ike Behar Tailored Furnishings speak to the man that Squire Fine Men's Apparel dresses. From chic and understated dress shirts made from the finest fabrics in the world to neckwear that commands attention and exudes luxury, every piece they create is American-made, and a testament to what America stands for. Their shirts feature patented, diamond quilted collar construction and durable single needle stitching, a combination that equals longevity and great style for any man who wears one. Ike Behar's imported silk, hand-tailored neckwear is highly recognizable, with unique textiles and colors.

The use of fine fabrics imported from Italy and Japan, and the symbolism of remaining a company which manufactures within the United States, Peru and Canada offers buyers of Ike Behar shirts a true understanding of what launched the popularity of this brand in Hollywood, as well as on Broadway. We carry an extensive selection of Behar fine shirts and encourage you to find yourself a new favorite shirt from their collection. Ike said it best when he was quoted as saying "The art of fine shirt making isn’t dead. Actually I feel fine."

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