Luchiano Visconti

Luchiano Visconti Shirts
Designed to perfection, Luchiano Visconti shirts embody the heart of a forward-thinking man with panache and style. Inspired by the constant struggle between nature and future, the tension between organic forces and technological ones, Luchiano Visconti transforms fabric into eclectic fashion by mixing natural and sustainable fibers like mercerized cotton and linen.

Streamlined, ready-to-wear, and built with the finest Italian components, the looks that Luchiano Visconti creates have a futuristic yet classic air about them, lending a sense of mystery and eclecticism to your wardrobe.

Let the details do the talking, from contrasting lining with complimentary fabrics on the collars, cuffs, and plackets of their exquisite men’s shirts. The man who wears Luchiano Visconti shirts is social and suave without being overstated, and he needs clothing that makes him look and feel as relaxed as he is sharp.

Products of imagination produced with a designer’s passion for quality and integrity, these fine men’s garments deliver a message directly from Luchiano himself, that each man who wears his designs might find himself discovering and creating his own unique style.