Pantherella Socks

There is something all men have in common, whether they are conservative professionals or rugged outdoorsmen, and that is the desire for comfortable socks. The finest socks in the world come from across the pond, designed for ultimate comfort and wearability by the world renowned Pantherella Socks & Menswear. Squire Fine Men’s Fashions delivers the best men’s clothing and accessories, and feels that this “Made in England” brand fits the bill exactly.

To put his best foot forward, a man needs a truly comfortable pair of socks, and men in the know rely on Pantherella to deliver. The world over, businessmen, royalty, and celebrities rave about these socks, and have passed down the values of their socks to their sons.

Perhaps the key to the immense popularity of Pantherella footwear, their hallmark Hand Linked Toe seams are an old-school technique that represents a refusal to cut corners, as so many other companies have turned to cheaper alternatives. Embracing new technology while refusing to ditch their integrity, Pantherella demonstrates a dedication to design ingenuity and exceptional finishing. Manufactured using only the very finest yarns, and designed with over 125 years of sock making experience, it’s no surprise that as a brand, Pantherella is approaching 75 years of producing the world's finest socks.Slip on a pair of Pantherella Socks for yourself and see why kings only choose Pantherella.