Raffi linea uomo Sweaters

Blue collar to board of directors, every man deserves a bit of comfort when the time comes to shrug off the day and enjoy the luxuries he works so hard for. From the start, Raffi Linea Uomo Sweaters have been designed for ultimate comfort, fit, and style, because there are sweatshirts, and then there are Raffi Linea Uomo’s.

Since 1988, this premier designer has focused on perfecting a stylish and comfy collection of cashmere and knitwear sweaters for men. Led by Raffi Shaya, this company utilizes state-of-the-art fabric blends and unique color palates to create wearable luxury sweaters that complement the wardrobe of a man with sophisticated taste.

Contemporary and clean cut designs cut to fit perfectly will send a clear message of class while keeping you warm and cozy. Paired with your favorite structured jeans or jogging shorts, the versatile pieces in the Raffi Linea Uomo collection are sure to provide you with the lux feel you crave and the look you’re after.

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