Robert Graham

Robert Graham Collection

Some men want to blend in with the crowd, while others aim to make a statement with even the most momentary glance. For those men who prefer to push the boundaries of the status quo, there are few designers who provide such high-quality menswear in eye-catching textiles as Robert Graham.

Shirts and shorts intended for men who appreciate uniqueness and luxury, the fit and function of these unconventional works of art is spectacular. It is not surprising many Robert Graham customers become dedicated connoisseurs of the brand. Each piece is sewn or printed with the initials “KWT,” which is short for “Knowledge, wisdom, & truth,” the core of Graham’s “message” to his consumer audience.

Each man will interpret this message for himself, just as each man creates his own personal style story and exudes his confidence through his fashion choices. Squire Fine Men’s Fashions invites you to