Santorelli Dress Slacks, Dress shirts & Ties The legacy of Santorelli Clothing, much attributed their much acclaimed dress trouser collection, has been built on the idea that luxury men’s clothing should be made to last and constructed out of the finest fabrics money can buy. Using pure wool luxury serge textiles imported from Biella, Italy, Santorelli creates beautifully fitting and stylishly designed trousers with natural stretch. The comfortable feel of these posh pants will make them your go-to pair, whether you are headed out for an afternoon of golf, or into the most important board meeting of your life.

Perfectly partnered with a sport coat for date night or with a coat and tie to attend an evening affair, a pair of Santorelli trousers is sure to complete your look and send a clear message to those who glance your way. A man wearing Santorelli trousers has an eye for detail and high-class taste. He prefers longevity to disposability, and he expects to receive quality garments made to fit well and to last. With Santorelli, you get distinction and versatility in a pair of dress trousers that, while otherwise unassuming, might just be the best pair of trousers money can buy.