Saxx Underwear Co.


Read about Saxx Underwear in Men's Health Magazine: "Could This Be the World's Greatest Underwear?"

Overwhelming media attention is not usually something that goes with underwear manufacturing, although an exception has been made in the case of SAXX Underwear Company. Squire Fine Men's Apparel simply could not ignore the consumer demand for these top-quality britches, which some claim are the best men’s underwear anywhere in the world. Simply put, they are designed with a man’s body in mind, with added touches for comfort where you want it most. Unsurpassed quality in both construction and materials lead to a fit so comfortable, you will forget you have underwear on at all.

Dreamt up on a fishing trip in Alaska, this underwear line is the brain-child of a man who experienced extreme chaffing and realized that something must be done. After many efforts and trials, the fourteenth prototype he created would prove to be the best underwear he’d ever owned. Now, Saxx has patented technology including an articulated ergonomic comfort pouch, which supports without being restrictive, innovative internal mesh panels to prevent friction, and a moisture-wicking waistband for active-wear. Even his fabrics need to offer performance enhancement to be acceptable for Saxx’s designs, and the result is a pair of briefs that will not ride up or chaff when you are working or playing hard.

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