Thaddeus Shirts & Knitwear

Dressy or disheveled, Thaddeus Shirts are a new collection of sportswear for the man who always arrives well-dressed even if he sometimes breaks the rules.

Thaddeus Shirts know how to stay current with the trends while maintaining an air of comfort and style. The shirts are crafted in various shades of distress, offering pieces that are crisp or washed and weathered, underscored with subtle trims that make every man comfortable in his own skin.

Thaddeus shirts represent the man who works hard at not taking life too seriously. Their eight-pointed star logo is reminiscent of a compass on an elegant parquet floor; representing a man that is well traveled yet still maintains a deep appreciation for his own backyard. A Thaddeus man savors the adventures life has to offer while wearing clothes that embody his unique sense of style and humor. Squire Fine Men’s Apparel offers Thaddeus shirts for the man who is comfortable in his own skin.

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