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Thomas Dean & Co. believes the difference is in the details. They selectively design and craft quality shirts that honor the craftsmanship commonly found in hand-tailored clothing. Their standards of design and value ensure you receive a supremely crafted shirt appropriate for any style, setting, or occasion.

A great shirt is the cornerstone of a cohesive, put-together look; it all starts with the shirt. Thomas Dean & Co. designs versatile sport shirts with dress shirt sensibilities that complete any wardrobe. Their shirts ensure seamless transition throughout your day, from a day at the office to an evening at the oyster bar. Thomas Dean & Co. sport shirts pair perfectly with pinstripes, cardigans, or jeans, pulling together any look while remaining impeccable in any situation throughout the day.

Born from necessity, Thomas Dean & Co. sport shirts are crafted from a wellspring of worldly inspiration. Their shirts blend distinctive American spirit with European style and classic tailoring to produce the perfect first layer to a life well lived

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