Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Sportswear Collection

The legendary Tommy Bahama is the embodiment of island life, known for his charm, wit, and perpetual tan. He’s an intrepid traveler who speaks nine languages fluently, but can flirt in dozens more. He once caught a 200-pount yellowfin using only a coconut shell, some broken sunglasses and the drawstring from his swim trunks. However, his charismatic personification is just a legend, created to represent the epitome of idyllic island life.

Inspired by the refined and unhurried attitude of coastal locals, the Tommy Bahama luxury clothing founders created the Tommy Bahama persona to define the essence of their brand. The Tommy Bahama luxury and casual clothing collection takes on the charming style of idyllic living with printed silk shirts and tailored pants. Their apparel centers on the good life for men. Even today, the brand lets their fictional namesake’s debonair lifestyle influence their decisions. Live like Tommy Bahama and “make life one long weekend.”